Music room commissioned at Covent Garden Primary

Representative of Tradewind Tankers, Guyoil Managing Director (acting) Reggre Bhagwandin, Marketing Manager of Guyoil, Eric Whaul, and representative of the Ministry of Education, Cheryl Sampson, and two students of Covent Garden Primary at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the official opening of the music building (Photo courtesy MoE)

AS Covent Garden Primary School celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil), in collaboration with the Tradewind ankers and the Parent-Teachers’ Association (PTA) on Wednesday handed over newly-constructed music and art room to the school in the school’s compound, Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara. The event also marked the school’s 50th anniversary which they celebrated on May 26 and the celebration of Guyoil’s 40th Anniversary.

The room was built to facilitate music classes being taught by a teacher of the school who completed the music training programme held by the Ministry of Education last August.

In the new school term, students of Covent Garden Primary will be able to play their musical instruments without distracting the other students as it was in the past.

Guyoil Managing Director (acting) Reggre Bhagwandin stated that his company was pleased to be a part of a project that will allow the student to be well-rounded.

He added that music is something that broadens the scope of everyone, while it improves one’s creativity and conceptual thinking.

The representative of Tradewind Tankers said it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to give back to the education sector. He also noted that education is the one thing that can change one’s present and future. He encouraged the students to make use of the opportunity offered, where they can have the opportunity to step up in life.

Meanwhile, the headteacher of the school expressed her gratitude for the kind gesture and assured the companies that the building would be put to use in the coming school term.

The Covent Garden Primary School cornerstone was laid on May 26, 1966. It was built by persons in the community as an independent project to accommodate students there, rather than having them travel to Providence Primary.

The Ministry of Education has reinforced music as an important aspect of a child’s overall development and to this end, the PTA thought it fitting to mark the golden jubilee occasion by embarking on a project to build a music room in the school’s compound.