Tradewind Tankers ‘True Champions’ V/ball Tournament

The Third Annual Tradewind Tankers Nationwide Invitational ‘True Champions’ Volleyball Tournament commences today, at the National Gymnasium, starting from 10:00 hrs. According to a release from the Organisers Castrol Strikers, the host of what has now become one of the biggest competitions held here annually most of the top teams in the country has confirmed participation in the competition.

Defending champions Young Achievers, who carted off all the spoils in the two previous tournaments, will once again start as favourites to successfully defend their title, while Castrol Strikers, Port Mourant Training School, and Port Mourant Jaguars are among the other teams who will no doubt be aiming to dethrone the champs.

The release added that in the first month of competition, all three formats usually contested, the 6’s, 4’s, and 2’s will be played at three different venues with the 6’s scheduled to be played at the National Gymnasium.

The action then turns to Goed Fortuin Community Centre where the 2’s and 4’s formats will be contested among all the participating teams with the top 6 moving on to the next leg slated for July in Berbice.

During the opening leg, the winning team will receive $20,000 and second-placed $10,000, while the 2’s and 4’s formats will see only the top team being awarded $10,000. Points gained in the first round will not carry forward to the next round.

Over $500,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded during the competition, including the segment in September that will feature a team from overseas. There will be prizes for outstanding individual performances as well.

So far, apart from the above-mentioned teams, the University of Guyana, Guyana School of Agriculture, Rollers, the GDF have all signaled their intentions to participate in the tournament.

The Opening Ceremony is set for 14:00 hrs, but the actual competition begins at 10:00hrs hrs.

Teams interested in competing in the tournament could still contact the following persons: Ian Wills Tele#680-7783; Rawle Duke- 614-0372 or Dester Hoppie- 695-3267.

Tradewind Tankers, a Shipping Company based in Barcelona, Spain has been involved in the business in this country for the past 36 years, operating as the designated shipping agent for petroleum and oil.